May 2023

Into the Wine: Gavi DOCG “Aurora”

Into the Wine: Gavi DOCG “Aurora” - Roberto Sarotto

Into the Wine is the magazine section that, wine after wine, accompanies you in the discovery of the Roberto Sarotto world: stories, tasty insights and many tips for perfect pairings!

Today we want to introduce you to a white wine that embodies the excellence of the Piedmont region: the Gavi DOCG Aurora, from the Sarotto vineyards of Tenuta Manenti. Gavi DOCG is produced using cortese grapes, an indigenous variety that grows luxuriantly in the hills of Gavi.

On the nose, Gavi Aurora opens with clear floral hints that invite further exploration. Notes of pineapple, apricot and peach delicately blend, creating a fragrant bouquet that enraptures the senses. It is like an ode to spring, with its scent of flowers and ripe fruit wafting through the air.

But it is in the mouth that this wine reveals its true beauty. Fresh and pleasant, it offers a vibrant taste experience. Hints of crisp apple emerge to the fore, offering a fresh and lively sensation. Each sip is an explosion of flavors, a harmonious balance between sweetness and acidity.

Food pairing

This extraordinary white wine, with its unique personality, pairs wonderfully with seafood lands. It is the ideal companion for seafood dishes, thanks to its freshness that blends perfectly with marine flavors. Its elegance and complexity also make it suitable for accompanying delicate first courses and light cheeses.

Gavi Aurora is like a reflection of the lands that generated it: refined, delicate and authentic. It represents the perfect encounter between winemaking tradition and terroir. Each sip is a journey through the hills of Gavi, a discovery of flavors and aromas that tell the story of this land.

In short, Gavi Aurora will win you over from the first sip and take you into a world of oenological emotions. Enjoy this extraordinary wine in the company of good friends and great food. Cheers!