At the Wine Bar in Alba you can find the Roberto Sarotto Museum, dedicated to the history of the company.

The Museum includes a self-guided tour, which visitors can follow by downloading the digital guide, available in several languages. The Roberto Sarotto Museum is the convergence point of what is the history of the family, with today’s reality of the winery and those who represent its future.

10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Piazza Michele Ferrero, 3/A
12051 – Alba (CN)

The Museum completes the experience of the visitor who wants to learn more about the Sarotto company beyond its products, bringing a bit of the winery and its people in the center of Alba.

The space, located in the atmospheric underground room of the Point of Sale, consists of:

  • An exposition of historic vintages and large formats of the winery’s finest wines.
  • Old photographs on the wall display the story of the Sarotto family and its origins.
  • In the center of the room, an installation shows the different territories from which the winery’s wines originate, accompanied by a video presentation of the area.
  • Finally, a sensory booth in which the visitor is transported into the world of the Roberto Sarotto winery through the voices and interviews of its members and collaborators.

Do not forget to take a souvenir photo of your visit before leaving the booth!