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"Ivi" - Vino Spumante Bianco Brut

This wine is dedicated to Roberto Sarotto’s sister Ivana, nicknamed Ivi. It is the producer’s first sparkling wine, initially made for the special occasions of the family, but now available to all. Thanks to a slow fermentation, it obtains a fine sparkle and a pleasant fruity and flowery nose. The bouquet is a complex mix of seductive fragrances of melon, pineapple and pear with a touch of tomato leaves. It perfectly matches with white meats, shellfish and fish.

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"Runcneuv" - Langhe DOC Arneis

A selection of old vines of the Arneis variety have been skilfully reproduced, maintaining their genetic heritage intact to produce this very special wine.Runcneuv Arneis is an extremely stylish white wine, with a seductive nose of fresh fruit and flowers that leaves a lovely trace of almonds on the palate.Its flowery, fruity elegance, lusciousness and soft freshness make it an ideal match for light, everyday dishes.

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"Aurora" - Gavi DOCG

This wine is made from cortese grapes grown on Roberto Sarotto's 'Tenuta Manenti'estate in Gavi.The wine is named after Roberto's wife "Aurora"It treats the nose to clear floral overtones and captivating hints of pineapple, apricot and peach; lovely and fresh on the mouth, with marked traces of apple.Gavi Aurora makes a splendid pairing with fish, white meats and creamy sauces.

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"Bric Sassi"- Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG

The Bric Sassi vineyard enjoys a privileged position in the Gavi growing area. Here the vineyards mostly face due south, and are made up of 40-year-old vines.The result is a big wine, worked traditionally using modern techniques.A wine of excellent finesse and complexity, with a surprisingly long life.A rare wine, to be savoured while thanking time for having made it so special and unique.Outstanding with any fish-based dish, and with hot and cold hors-d'oeuvres.

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"Puro" - Piemonte DOC Chardonnay

Pure “to reflect” the dilemma that often one lives before facing a choice: the choice to remain “pure” at any cost or “to reflect” in conditioned choices. Puro is a choice of a single grape wine of great elegance and appeal capable of giving a world of intense emotions over time. Golden in color , complex and intense on the nose. It maintains an extraordinary finesse and elegance on the palate just as the great wines. Perfect for an aperitif it also matches well with crustaceans and shell fish.

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"Impuro" Piemonte DOC Chardonnay

The name “impure” represents the uniqueness of this wine : a special Chardonnay blended with Sauvignon Blanc. The blending takes place after both the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have completed their fermentation. It is a pale straw yellow wine with golden flashes. The bouquet is a complex mix of seductive fragrances of melon, pineapple and pear with a touch of tomato leaves. It perfectly matches with white meats, shellfish and fish.

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"Angeli" - Dolcetto d'Alba DOC

Dolcetto is the everyday wine of the local people of the Langhe hills. It is a fruity wine but with a dry lingering aftertaste. This wine is soft but has a quite pronounced character , typical of the grapes it comes from. It is smooth and balanced and also has a touch of complex spiciness. Food matching : it is a very versatile wine and it represents an excellent match with starters like salami and raw ham, with soups and pasta, light red meat and some fatty fish like eel and salmon. It is know by the local people as a wine which can be slightly chilled in summer months and sipped with many cold starter dishes.

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"Briccomacchia" - Barbera d'Alba DOC


Ageing in large oak cask and in the bottle are the secrets of this classic wine with a surprisingly modern style. Characterized by a winey nose of raspberries and violets, this wine has an elegant and well-balanced taste, a great body and a considerably long finish. To be enjoyed throughout a meal and especially with delicate roasts and hard texture cheeses.

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"Elena" - Barbera d'Alba DOC

Dedicated to Elena, Roberto Sarotto’s second child born in 1998, this wine is grown on the estate’s oldest vineyards in a magnificent position facing south. It has a powerful, complex nose of ripe fruit and a good body which shows marvelously balanced structure, acidity and tannins. Rich , round, smooth with a full flavor that lingers in the mouth, it is a stimulating, inspiring, meditation wine and an ideal match for rich pasta dishes.

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"Enrico I°" - Langhe DOC Rosso

A special wine, created by Roberto Sarotto in 1993 to celebrate the birth of his first child, Enrico. The very limited number of bottles produced were given such an enthusiast reception that it was decided to follow it up in the subsequent vintages.This is a structured red which is particularly suited to ageing.Ripe fruit and spices show on the intense bouquet, and good structure is evident on the palate. Pairs well with red meat and game-based dishes.

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"Nativo" - Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

Made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, this wine has an intense ruby red color with brick-red flashes on the brim. A fining of one year brings out the outstanding complex nose of small red fruits and sweet spices. In the mouth it is generous and fulfilling with an excellent structure and lingering soft dry finish without excessive tannins. It matches well with rich dishes of red meat and game.

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"Currà" - Barbaresco DOCG Riserva

Coming from a single vineyard named “Currà” , this Barbaresco is a complex wine, whose nose has a distinctive hint of roses and violets. With its deep ruby red color, it has a refined and smooth taste and has a slight aroma of ripe plum, liquorice, spices and chocolate. Soft tannins give a particular sensation of sweetness and a long velvet finish. Excellent for serving with red meat courses and cheeses, but also as a sipping wine.

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"Gaia Principe" - Barbaresco DOCG

Made from the Nebbiolo grapes of the prestigious small vineyard area “Gaia Principe” this wine has a great fame which goes way back in time. With an ethereal bouquet hinting at violets, its taste is full – bodied, spicy, rich and complex. Every time you take a sip you discover new sensations and various hints of fruit and herbs, thus representing a great treat for the most expert and demanding palates. Excellent with hard texture cheeses, red meats and rich main courses.

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"Briccobergera" - Barolo DOCG

Made from nebbiolo grapes, this magnificent, big thoroughbred red known as "the king of wines and the wine of kings" is a showpiece of Piedmontese wine-making.A wine for big occasions, it charms and wins over the palate with its power and body, leaving a lovely sensation of warmth.Garnet red with orange highlights, it has an intense, ethereal, characteristic bouquet to match a full-bodied, dry taste that's rich, yet smooth and well-balanced.A superior wine, at its very best with roasts and game.

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"Audace" - Barolo DOCG

Before the harvest the grapes of the oldest vineyards, which have ripened best, are selected to be picked with care for separate vinification . The wine is kept in French oak barrels for maturing as long as necessary according to the vintage. A really great full – bodied wine, complex and seductive on the nose, rich and soft on the palate. It is full of character and vigour, yet delicate, elegant, harmonious, with hints of wood and almonds and clear-cut tannins. A wine for cellaring, but also great to drink when released.

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